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    Automating retrieval of access tokens from a REST API

    Ali Ahmad



      I am trying to automate the retrieval of access tokens from the Super Office Online API.


      From what I have understood what I need to do is:


      1. Send a GET request using a token identifier to super office which is authenticated which gives me a access token.
      2. Note when the token expires and then do a POST request with a update key to update the access token.
      3. Fetch new access token and use this next time it is needed to fetch data.


      Now I haven't done anything similar, but I have managed to do it somewhat with Qlik Sense and creating a web page that gets the access token back using a local hosted webpage on a webservice. Now I want to do it using Qlik Sense and want to understand if that is possible and how?


      The syntax for retrieving the access token with super office is:


      https://online.superoffice.com/login/common/oauth/authorize?response_type=token &client_id=670734e0-4c5a-11e3-be9e-a171392e81db &redirect_uri=https://example.com/spa/


      So the access token is returned at the URL defined after redirect_uri.


      Any suggestions or ideas is appreciated.