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    N Printing with multiple engine license

    Rohit Kumar

      Hi Techies,


      I want to balance the load of N Printing to multiple engines. Is there is any different license for multiple engine N printing ?




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          Ruggero Piccoli



          No the license you apply on the Qlik NPrinting Server knows how many Engines can be connected.

          You don't need to do nothing to balance the Qlik NPrinting Engines, the Scheduler (installed in the Server computer) will do the job automaticaly.



          Best Regards,



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            Ricardo gerhard

            Dear Rohit,


            So, as I know, the license will be the same, but you want to add more engines into your license and it has a cost. Please, reach out your sales partner because it must be set from Qlik

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              Lech Miszkiewicz

              as Ruggero says: "Open the Admin -> License page and check latest row Number of engines."

              Didn't i tell you this already 2 days ago to check there ???


              unless you are talking about Qlik Sense Engines??? are you?