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    wbfolder.wbl file is missing

    Edvard Wilhelms



      I've tried to add the extension "sense-navigation-master" by stefan walther. After I removed some duplicates inside the folder it uploaded with no problems. But then I wanted to change the color options in the extension which lead me to edit it in the developer hub. There I get the "wbfolder.wbl file is missing" error.


      And when I check the extension it doesn't exist a .wbl file, so I guess that's the problem.

      Next step is of course to google it, which I did. I came to the conclusion to use the wblgen.bat file made by Nate untiedt



      But the problem still persists, I put the "wbfolder.wbl" highest up in the folder structure of the extension.

      Any suggestions what to do now? What should I do to edit the extension?


      Thanks in advance!