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    Section Access in QV10

      Hi ,


      1. How to configure the section Access in the QV10 publisher. Do i need write the script in the edit script and reference it in the publisher?

      2. If there are users who will be the part of AD and not part of AD .So how to configure the same. at this point i am using the AD integration.

      3. What is the section Access management tab in the  QEMC.


      Is there any document specific to the Section Access in QV10. please share it . I am looking at it .it is very urgent.

        • Section Access in QV10



          Anyone has the document???

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              Kaushik Solanki



                  Here is the document.


                  You will also find the same in your computer. in C:\Program Files\Qlikview\Documentation



              Kaushik Solanki

                • Section Access in QV10

                  Thanks for your response kaushik,


                    I have refered the dcoument . but no use.


                  Section Access Management

                  The QlikView Enterprise Management Console now provides the functionality to create, manage and store

                  tables that can be used to define authorization in Section Access in QlikView documents. This feature

                  consists of three parts:

                  The creation, management and storing of the actual tables which are all handled by QEMC.

                  The created tables are accessed from the QlikView load script using a load statement that loads from an

                  http address. A command in the script editor facilitates the creation of a script snippet containing this load


                  This feature will require a Publisher license. Learn more in the section "Authorization Management".


                  From this how i will know how to create the users and call the same in the load script. In the same "Authorization Management".


                  28.1 Authorization Management

                  From version 10 QlikView Enterprise Management Console can provide a centralized way of maintaining

                  authorization tables that are used in the section access part of a QlikView document. This is done by

                  letting the QlikView Administrators create and maintain the tables in the QEMC user interface. The tables

                  are stored in the repository and can be used by a QlikView developer as any other table by connecting to

                  the QlikView Management Service, for example



                  Example of an authorization table:

                  Access NT Name Country Product Group

                  Admin QvAdmin * *

                  User Bob US Socks, Shoes

                  User Stig Swe Ties, Hats

                  Table users: Sara

                  Column Users:

                  Access and NTName: John, Jenny

                  Country: John

                  Product Group: Jenny

                  This means that when requesting the authorization table Sara will get the entire table, John will get


                  More information on where you create these tables are found in "Section Access Management" on page




                  If you see the  management console it is like this .



                  As a lay man how  could i will be able to proceed.  is there any example with screen shots how to add the users in the section Management tab and call it in the load script.

                  I am finding it very difficult.

                  ‘Access’, ‘NT Name’ and ‘Country’, finally, Jenny will get ‘Access’, ‘NT Name’ and ‘Product Group’.