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    Upload images to Sense desktop app

    Andreas Karlsson


      I'm working on a backup/restore feature. Having rebuilt this extension


      to split the different parts of the app into different files to enable version control with GIT.

      Now I would like to handle the embedded image files as well.

      Their url can be easily retrieved with the GetLibraryContent-method but I cannot find a way to insert the media files into a restored app in Sense Desktop.

      (On the server though there is an api to the qrs https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/June2018/Subsystems/RepositoryServiceAPI/Content/RepositoryServiceAPI/Reposi… )


      The images could be fetched in the backup-process and stored in the zip-file and then uploaded to the content/default-folder but then one must manually open the app and click on each image to add it after a restore.

      So in short, any suggestions on how to automatically from a javascript add a file to the "in app" media library in Sense Desktop?