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    Networking days

      Can we can apply the function networking days into a calendar by country and what is the strutucture of this file have to be.





        • Networking days
          Sunil Chauhan


          Returns the number of working days (Monday-Friday) between and including start_date and end_date taking into account any optionally listed holidays. All parameters should be valid dates or timestamps.


          networkdays (startdate, enddate, holidaydate1, holidaydate2,holidaydate3,holidaydate4.......)



          for example

          networkdays ('2006-12-18', '2006-12-31', '2006-12-25', '2006-12-26')


          hope this help

            • Networking days
              Sunil Chauhan

              also not include holidaydate(optional)




              networkdays ('2006-12-18', '2006-12-31')

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                Thanks for your reply , but is possible apply the  function  networking days against one table with the working days?


                Best Regards,



                  • Networking days
                    Stefan Wühl

                    Should be possible, take a look at John's solution here:


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                        John Witherspoon

                        Having different holidays by country would be more complicated than what I did in that thread, though.  Attached is one way to do it.  Again, we're generating a holiday list in a variable, but now we generate a pick(match()) to select the right holiday list by country.  I don't like that I have a separate load for each country, but I can't think of how to get around it.  It probably won't be a problem in practice since the tables involved at that point are small.


                        I completely made up these holidays, so don't look for them to make any sense.


                        Here's the script:


                        LOAD * INLINE [
                        Country, Holiday
                        USA, 3/15/2011
                        USA, 3/10/2011
                        USA, 2/15/2011
                        USA, 1/1/2011
                        Mexico, 1/10/2011
                        Mexico, 2/15/2011
                        Mexico, 3/4/2011

                        LOAD text(fieldvalue('Country',recno())) as Country
                        ,recno() as Sequence
                        AUTOGENERATE fieldvaluecount('Country')
                        LOAD concat(chr(39) & Country & chr(39),',',Sequence) as AllCountries
                        RESIDENT Countries
                        LET allholidays = '=pick(match(Country,' & peek('AllCountries') & ')'
                        FOR I = 1 TO noofrows('Countries')
                            LOAD concat(num(Holiday),',') as AllHolidays RESIDENT Holidays WHERE Country = peek('Country',$(I)-1,'Countries');
                            LET allholidays = allholidays & ',' & chr(39) & peek('AllHolidays') & chr(39);
                            DROP TABLE AllHolidays;

                        LET allholidays = allholidays & ')';

                        DROP TABLES

                        LOAD * INLINE [


                        Then I made a list box with always one Country selected, and I used expressions like these.



                        firstworkdate(Date,4,$(allholidays)) // in a straight table by Date