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    Open QlikView Document & Transfer Selections State

      Hi folks, I need to use the document chaining functionality of QlikView: I am simply trying to open a second QVW and transfer across the selection state (using the "Open QlikView document" action), via QlikView Server (version 10). Everythings works well on the local machine. When I am trying to do the same thing via QlikView Server I am prompted with a window to "Open URL" / "Type the URL you want to open". After typing the URL (qvp://...) it opens the document and it even transfers the selections across to the second document. I also want to mention that I am using a QlikView TEST Server and I am wondering if this might have some sort of restriction imposed on document chaining.


      Does anyone have any idea on how I can get this functionality to work without the user being asked to type the URL? Thanks in advance.