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    Multiple LDAPs in QlikView

      I have a need to set up QlikView so that access to dashboard can be granted across multiple domains. It appears the QMC will accept mulitple LDAP entries. However, I do not know any specifics on how to set up an enivronment so that access to a QlikView environment in one domain can be granted to users in another domain given that a connection has been established between the two domains.

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          Daniel Rozental

          I'm not really sure I undertand what you're trying to do but remember QlikView doesn't handle authentication.


          If you're using multiple Active Directories then all you need to do is identify the user as DOMAIN\USER. I believe USER would still work for the Server's default AD.

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            Bill Britt

            Daniel is correct QlikView doesn't do authentication, that is a Windows function. You would need to setup a trusted relationship between the domains and they add this information to the folder level on the server that the qvw's are saved to.