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    Accumulated against sorting data in straight table

    Samuel GUERIN

      Hi everyboy,


      I am quite surprised to have so many problemes on a very simple looking case.


      I've got two dimension : Dim1, Dim2

      I've got just a data : Volume


      I just want, in a straight table, have Dim1,Dim2 dimension with Sum(Volume) as expression.

      I want to have a decreasing sort on Sum(Volume) without considering the dimensions.


      So far, so good.


      Then I want to add an expression that calculate the proportion of  Sum(Volume) against the total ==> Sum(Volume)/Sum(total Volume) in %


      So far, so good again.


      But when I want a cumulative vision of my proportion of Sum(Volume) against the total, I've got more difficulties !

      After lots of try, I've found an expression that make me well my cumulative vision () , but I lost the decreasing sort on Sum(Volume) :


      =rangesum(above(total (Sum(Volume)/Sum(total Volume)),0, rowno(total)))


      I've read that RangeSum function, by default, takes the 'Load Order'.



      I've got no idea left ;-(


      I've attached a sample with what I expected.


      Thanks a lot by advance for your feedback.