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    Qlikview Test and Production Servers



      Please can someone verify my understanding of QlikView Test and Production? 


      My client has purchased test and full user CALs for QlikView SBE 11.  They will have two separate servers: one for test and one for prod.


      The test server has QV AccessPoint installed.  I have produced QVDs locally using Personal Edition and deployed them via the Access Point.  I now want to develop QVDs on the server and have multiple developers working on the test environment.  I have recently found out that you cannot lease a licence from a test server.  Therefore the only way I can see around this is to set up the prod server and install QV AccessPoint and QV Personal Edition so that developers can lease a licence, develop documents and then copy them to the test server so that end users can test them. 


      Is that the correct approach to take?  Am I correct to have two instances of AccessPoint, one on each server?  If I applied my full licence LEF to the AccessPoint on the test server would this then not work on the prod server?


      Many thanks.

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          Tresesco B

          My understanding is, for test server, you don't need to buy user CALs, they come from production server. What you have to do is, install Personal edition QV in test server and then lease the license from the production server. That means with Named CAL available developers can lease license from the production server and work in test server. And yes, you are correct to have two instances of AccessPoint.


          Somebody correct me if i am wrong.

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            John Anderson

            Hi there,


            a few years back we could get away with using the Production Server license on our Test Server.  but about 2 years ago Qliktech stopped this.  So we had no choice but to buy a license for the Test Server.  its basically the same set of Named Cals etc as on the Production except for the following:

            1) Any charts displayed through the test server have the word TEST watermarked across them

            2) You can't lease a license from the test server


            However, the test server licence was MUCH cheaper!


            To give your developer's a license why don't you either a) lease a license from the production or buy them developer client licenses?


            You can't user personal edition because you can't share these files.


            I hope this helps.



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              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



              Several things here:


              • "Test Server" is just a license you apply on the software. You will have the same services you already have in Production as the installer is the same.
              • The Test Server is a "copy" of your production environment, having the same number of Named, Document, Usage and Session CALs, but not being borrowable.
              • The Test Server adds a "Test" watermark to any of your charts, as it is intended to development environments, not production.
              • Anyone with a valid license assigned in Production will be able to access the Test environment
              • Therefore developers must get licenses leased from Production Server.


              Hope that clarifies the issue a bit.



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                Many thanks for all your replies.  We have installed QlikView on the production server and have leased licences from that on the test server so that developers can develop.