Using Qlik REST Connector behind a Proxy

    The Qlik REST Connector is a young and versatile connectivity solution so it’s still lacking some features. One missing point is a proxy authentication so all your REST calls get blocked if your Qlik server (or desktop) is behind a proxy. Btw. Qlik Web Connectors already provide this proxy configuration option.


    But there is help if your Proxy works with HTTP Basic Authentication. You can just use the HTTP header Proxy-Authorization within your REST connection.


    Copy out this HTTP header from your browser session and use it in the REST connectior dialog. Alternatively, you can encode your proxy credentials (user:pw) yourself with Base64:


    Example: user:pw = test:test

    HTTP Header:
    Proxy-Authorization: Basic dGVzdDp0ZXN0


    Now use the header in the REST connector dialog:



    Then, test your load script and cross fingers.. ;-)


    Happy Qliking!