Setting up a WMS as a background map in Qlik GeoAnalytics

    QGA can consume geodata from many different sources, here's what's needed to use a WMS a background map in QGA.

    Step-by-step guide

    Start by figure out the correct parameters. In this case the source is a WMS with data from the Dutch city Zaanstad.

    1. Easiest way to pick up the WMS source and at the same time verify that it works is through a demo page,
      for example
    2. Select CRS (coordinate system), 4326 for use together with the default adaptive basemap or 3857 with the defualt basemap. Right click on the map image and "Open image in new tab..." . Copy the image url:,474244.265625,153485.671875,512224.734375&WIDTH=1208&HEIGHT=600
    3. Remove the following parameters (these are filled in by the map) : BBOX, WIDTH, HEIGHT, VERSION, SRS.
      That produces the url to use:
    4. Fill in CRS and VERSION (in my example EPSG:3857 and 1.1.1 check the WMS url for the version).

      Pro tip, "Load via Server" is practical to use if the the WMS doesnt allow CORS.

      Pro tip 2, run Sense in the browser (http://localhost:4848/hub/my/work) and use the dev console (F12), good to spot errors from the WMS server.


    Example app in Sense with the WMS layer: