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    Sometimes we need to analyze the data on google map & there are many posts and links to create the google maps. I have collected some of the useful links to start with.


    We can create the Google maps in the QlikView using google map APIs

    Creating Geo-spatial dashboards in Qlikview

    Steps for beginners to implement Google Maps in Qlikview

    Step-by-Step Google Map API v3 integration


    We need latitude and longitude for implementing google map in QlikView. You can extract the latitude and longitude dynamically by just giving the city name. Refer the below link to get the extractor for generating lattitude and longitude dynamically.

    Google MAPs related APPs


    You can also get the latitude and longitude from below link

    Country List ISO 3166 Codes Latitude Longitude

    Geographic Heat Maps

    1) Without Extension

    Geographic Heat Map Visualization

    HeatMap using Google Chart API

    2) With Extension

    Google Maps - Heatmap | Qlik Community

    Open Source Geospatial Mapping Extension using ... | Qlik Community

    Another Google Maps Extension | Qlik Community



    SVG heat map

    QlikView SVG Map Extension

    SVG map Doc



    You can use the trial version of this extension as it's not free.





    Qlik map video



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