Step-by-Step Google Map API v3 integration (deprecated by Google, does not work anymore)

    Google Map Integration API v3

    This document describes a setp by step integration of Google Map API v3.

    This includes script and screenshots.



    – Integration based on QV-Extensions or Scatter Charts

    – Can be used in QlikView Desktop and Web/Mobile-client

    – Auto-Zoom functionality out of the box

    – Use existing code for integration

    – Easy to integrate

    – Road View , Aerial View

    – Hiqh quality of maps

    – Performance

    – Availability



    - Take care of licensing terms of Google Maps !

    - Some data will be sent to Google servers

    - In cases of scatter charts QlikView server needs access to the Internet



    Free only if

    - publicly accessible

    - not behind a firewall

    - not use in internal networks