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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense - Map Selections (April and June 2018)

Hi everyone,

I want to inform Qlik of unexpected behavior, but don't know the best place to put it so it's going here.

Since the April 2018 release, Qlik has given us some very nice improvements in the options for the out of the box map visualization. However, I've experienced a couple issues that I wanted run by other users and report to Qlik in some way.

Note - I know that I can and should clean up the data to prevent the below "issues" from occurring, but we do not have a mapping service so that is a bit difficult to do for all countries, states/provinces/regions, etc. Data cleanup is not the point of this question - the behavior of the map visualization is.

1.) Using the attached app, you'll see that both Illinois and California have the same color, indicating that their sales are equal. However, if you look at the Data Load Editor you'll see that Illinois should have three times the sales of California. Normally, I would think "okay, it's because the map doesn't recognize 'IL' and 'Illinois' as being the same location", but when you hover over the state on the map it shows values for both "IL" and "Illinois". Since Qlik recognizes them as the same entity then the coloring should reflect this (in my opinion).

2.) This functionality is likely due to the same logic as above, but it relates to selections. If you click on Illinois in the map Qlik selects "Illinois" and drills down to the next level as you'd expect it to. However, since Qlik recognizes "IL" and "Illinois" as the same entity on the map I would think it would select both.

2.a.) The strange part about the selection is that it only behaves this way if you click on the state. If you use the lasso or circle, it selects both options for the state. Since these make different selections than clicking, I'm not sure which is "correct" and it leads me to believe that something isn't working as intended.

2.b.) I would LOVE if the map could be smart enough to select both and still allow the drill down to the next level, but that is not the way any drill-downs work in Qlik so I am not expecting it.

Both of these "issues" occur regardless of location area (country, state, city, etc.).

Best regards,


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