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Creating Qlik Cloud Connectors (KeySurvey)

I'd like to use a connector for a product we have called KeySurvey.  I'm never set up a connector and feel like I am jumping into the deep end.  Is there a step-by-step for this?  A white paper?  or has someone else done this?

I am assuming there's a cost for each pull.  Our users want the data pulled every hour sometimes and I want to know how much that is, because the frequency tends to make our costs jump.  Does anyone have any costing tools or suggestions for that before going full-steam ahead on this project?

I hate to say it, but for us it might be cheaper just to automate moving the csv files to where Qlik will pick them up rather than a direct connector.

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi @Crichter141,

I see the KeySurvey has some APIs: Have to tried those?

Also I don't see any problem if you Automate an Export process. You could, for example, export the CSV files to a folder monitored by Qlik DataTransfer. Qlik DataTransfer will upload these CSV files straight to Qlik Cloud, keeping in sync the data you have in Cloud with your on-prem folder. Qlik DataTransfer is a free tool. For more details:



Mark Costa

Read more at Data Voyagers -

There are some ways to connect to a data source:

Hope it helps!