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Google Drive & Spreadsheets Connector, several Google accounts

Is it possible to retrieve data from Google spreadsheets assigned to different Google accounts?

I generated load scripts for my Google account #1 and they worked fine. Then I proceeded to my Google account #2, and I was asked to enter "CanAuthenticate" parameters for it, but it was not possible without deleting parameters for my account #1 in the form. The load scripts for account #2 were generated and worked okay, but ones for account #1 just stopped working!

If I understand correctly, Google account parameters are stored in file "App_Data\DEFAULT0-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\ConnectorSettings.xml", and as soon as I enter "CanAuthenticate" data for the second account, the data on the first one gets deleted and replaced with the second account data in that XML. But when I replaced that XML file with the previous file, the scripts for account #1 started working again, but for account #2 stopped.

Is it possible to combine data on two Google accounts in one ConnectorSettings.xml? Maybe there is another solution?

Many thanks in advance!

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Specialist II
Specialist II


I think you can achieve what you want by enabling authentication for Qlik Web Connectors:


This will mean you can log into the web UI with different accounts, and each would have their own credentials for the Google Drive connector. When you generate the load script each will have a different load access token as part of the script.