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How to connect QlikSense with Spark?

I am new to QlikSense and I would be interessted in how to connect QlikSense to Spark. I saw there are 2 Direct Discovery connectors for Hive and Impala but that's all if I am not wrong.

Another option would be to write Spark output in HDFS and then connect QlikSense to HDFS. Is there such a possibility?

I would really appreciate any idea!

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Both Databricks and Simba Technologies have some offerings on connectivity to Spark for Qlik

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Thank you for the reply!

Indeed I found a connector on Simba but it seems it is not open-source. On Databricks I found this old article but there is no download link for any connector Application Spotlight: Qlik | Databricks

I am not sure if they have the connector or it is in progress. Anyways, they propose Shark in that article but it is no longer used. I wonder if they have a connector for Spark SQL. Do you have more information about the Databricks connector for Spark SQL? Many thanks!