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How to connect to dashDB instance


I'm trying to create a connection in Qlik Sense Desktop to a hosted dashDB.  I downloaded and installed the connector package.  In Qlik Sense Desktop, I'm doing the following:

  1. Click Add Data
  2. Click IBM DB2
  3. Paste in the values for Host name, Port, Database, User name, and Password.
  4. Click the next arrow

The following is displayed:

Test Connection

Error message: Please check the values for Username, Password, Host and other properties. Description: General error

The database says it is compatible with DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, Version 10.5 or later. 

I have been able to successfully connect to this database using a DB2 driver from a different desktop app.  Any ideas on how to fix this?  Or any ideas on how to get a more useful error message?

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According to error message, please check your host values and enter correctly.

If you still have issues submit support ticket with Qlik.

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I've confirmed I am copying and pasting the values directly into Qlik Sense.  I'm currently using the free trial test Qlik with my setup.  How do I submit a support ticket?

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Hi ,

I have exactly the same issue but with a Oracle DB. All the connection parameters plus user/pwd are ok. I have tested it with other tools.

Is there any requierement regarding Oracle Client to get this working on my local machine?

I want to test the tool in order to decide start using it.