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How to create a connection to an InfluDB from Qlik Sense?

Hello everyone,

I want to create a connection to an InfluxDB. After reading this InfluxDB documentation, I found out that one can also query data through an API that each InfluxDB provides. 

The problem is I'm getting errors when I try to create a REST connector that would query the data from the database.

403: The server refused to fulfill the request


I am asking to make sure that I have filled out all the fields correctly. I have a user and a password for the database. I'm using a 'Basic' Authentication Schema. Is that the correct authentication schema?

According to the Influx documentation, to make a query, one would do something like this:

curl -G 'http://localhost:8086/query?pretty=true' --data-urlencode "db=mydb" --data-urlencode "q=SELECT \"value\" FROM \"cpu_load_short\" WHERE \"region\"='us-west'"


Should I put "db" and "q" as query parameters in the REST connector? Should the value of "q" be "SELECT \"value\" FROM \"cpu_load_short\" WHERE \"region\"='us-west'"?


Thank you in advance

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I am also facing the same issue did you get any solution to this?


try this for your rest connector: 

http://localhost:8086/query?pretty=true&db=mydb&q=select value, from....

 the issue i am having at the moment is that QS does not cope well with nested JSON objects