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REST Connector for Facebook


I tried to use REST Connector in Qlik Sense to get data from my Facebook profile.I followed this steps Connecting to Facebook using Qlik REST Connector - YouTube but when I tried to Create connection, this error showed up:


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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Contributor II
Contributor II

i have the same issue

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Diana,

I got the same error when i try to connect.

Have you got any solution?

Please let me know.


Try like this:

To get around this I simply created two connections using the REST Connector, one for GET (LIB: Google Analytics API) and one for POST (LIB: Google Authorization) and used an open JSON server at jsonplaceholder.typicode.com wheen creating the connections (you cannot alter the Method GET/POST using WITH CONNECTION). I then followed the same process as above, and used WITH CONNECTION to alter the LIB settings and pointed the URL to the entry-points for Google APIs. Here's a small example script for Sense:

  1. IF vTokenExpires <= now() THEN 
  2.   LET vRequestBody =''; 
  3.   LET vRequestBody = vRequestBody & 'grant_type=refresh_token'; 
  4.   LET vRequestBody = vRequestBody & '&client_id=' & '$(vClient_id)'; 
  5.   LET vRequestBody = vRequestBody & '&client_secret=' & '$(vClient_secret)'; 
  6.   LET vRequestBody = vRequestBody & '&refresh_token=' & '$(vRefresh_token)'; 
  7.   LIB CONNECT TO 'Google Authorization'; 
  8.   access_token: 
  9.   SQL SELECT 
  10.   "access_token", 
  11.   "token_type", 
  12.   "expires_in" 
  13.   FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" 
  14.     WITH CONNECTION ( 
  15.     URL "https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v4/token", 
  16.     HTTPHEADER "Content-Type" "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", 
  17.   BODY "$(vRequestBody)" 
  18.   ); 
  19.   LET vExpiresIn = peek('expires_in',0,'access_token'); 
  20.   LET vAccessToken = peek('access_token',0,'access_token'); 
  21.   LET vTokenExpires = timestamp(now() + $(vExpiresIn)/86400); 
  22. ENDIF   

Refer this:

REST CONNECTOR locate the Authorization token

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

The recipe you gave is for Google and not Facebook. The process is not similar as you can't get a USER ACCESS TOKEN in Facebook via an API-call. You *have* to have a user dialog interaction to retrieve it.

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

While in the "facebook for developers" / Graph API Explorer page and you press the drop-down "Get Token" - make sure that you really select the "Get User Access Token" as it is different from the "Get App Token" which can't be used.

2018-08-01 09_33_14-(11) Connecting to Facebook using Qlik REST Connector - YouTube.png

Notice that the generated Access Token (User Access Token) is very long and much longer than the App Token.

This has to be used as a query parameter with the name access_token in the REST Connector dialog box.

NOTICE: The User Access Token expires after two hours - after that you will have to get a new one. Alternatively you can extend the User Access Token to have a two months/60 days expiration in the "Graph API Explorer".