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Partner Ambassador

400 Bad Request error sometimes after session timeout

This is a tricky one.

I have a QSEoW 2020-Nov-patch1 environment from which I am getting strange timeout errors.
A couple of different virtual proxies: Azure SSO via SAML, and standard Windows auth from the login page provided by Sense.

Session length is 30 minutes and an idle timeout will result in the user being sent to the login screen. All good.

Most times a click on the "Login" button will result in the username/password (for Windows login endpoint) or the Azure login (for Azure SSO) flow being shown.

Sometimes users get this though:


I've been unable to pinpoint what's causing it and cannot reproduce it.
Those 400 errors come in various shapes and forms (for example:  if a user is arriving with a URL that's not whitelisted in the virtual proxy settings that will give a 400 error), but I've never seen one with "Bad Request" twice like this.

Also, I can't find anything in the logs. Zero.

Usually these kind of errors result in proxy log entries, not this time though.
I've searched all logs from all services, no luck.
I might of course have missed something... Hopefully I've missed something.

So: The issue happens often enough to be an annoyance and it's definitely a loose end.
And loose ends aren't any good.

Any ideas, anyone?


Some additional context. There is a Traefik 2.3 reverse proxy in front of the Qlik Sense server, meaning that traffic to Sense pass through Traefik. The root cause of the issue may be in Sense, in Traefik, in Azure - or any combination thereof.

BUT: Given that the 400 error obviously is served by Sense, I figure there should an error entry somewhere in some log. In the best of worlds it would give a hint to what's going on.



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QB-2992 was still in process at the time February 2021 was released, so it's not been included.

It's not clear though from our system in which exact release it's included.

As it was closed beginning of march, I expect that it's included in May 2021, but I need to double-check with our R&D

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@Damien_Villaret  I have checked in May 2021 Patch 2, Still that occurs. 

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Damien,

can you confirm that the error was patched on May 2021?
We are running Patch 4 and we are still experiencing that problem.

Moreover, i am not able to find these 400 errors in the logs even though we frequently get reports of them happening. Our logging configuration is set up correctly i think so they should be logged. This is really  making it difficult to monitor that problem.

Would be very glad for a feedback.

Thanks a lot!

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Those errors are still very much around, I'd say.

Running QSEoW Nov-2021 and those errors occur more often than not when a session times out.

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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

...and I've really looked through the logs for clues as to what's going on, haven't found anything at all.

Given that we're looking at something that's sent as an error to the client I would expect at least a warning or error in the Sense logs. But can't find anything.

Maybe there would be clues in the debug logs, but that's a whole other level of investigation..

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Creator II
Creator II

Yes i agree, the situation is not really satisfactory.
Especially when you display Qlik charts in widgets in 3rd party systems and all you see is a 400 error message ...



This issue has been resolved in May 2021 GA (initial) release.

If you are experience this or similar issue, with this or later versions, it is requested that a new support request is started.

Kind regards...

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