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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense Scheduler RIM Node


I am currently testing moving from a single Central node to a multi-node environment, for the main purpose of moving the reload tasks across to a scheduler node(s).

Can I create a load balancing rule to make specific tasks run on a single RIM scheduler node like this:

  1. Central (Master & Slave)
  2. RIM1 (Slave)

Ideally I only want to send the light-weight high refresh applications that reload every 30 minutes or less across to this node but I am wondering if I can achieve this as I think I read somewhere that you need to set the Central node as Master and must have at least 2 RIM nodes to achieve this, with nothing actually reloading on the central node:

  1. Central (Master)
  2. RIM1 (Slave)
  3. RIM2 (Slave)

Any thoughts/advice?

Many Thanks,


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Hey Matthew,

The difficulty in using the Central is that you cannot fiddle with the default load balancing rule ResourcesOnCentralNode which load balances all apps to the Central. This means that if the Central is set to be a Master and Slave, then it is eligible to reload any app.

Practically this does mean that the the Central needs to be Master only if you don't want any subset of the apps to reload on it because this cannot be handled by Load balancing rules.

Hope that helps.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks, that confirms it.