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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Qlik Sense extension bundle is not accessible outside the server.

Hi Everyone,

I need your crucial help and inputs in a situation I got stuck.

We have implemented one multinode Qlik Sense deployment(App Server& Web Server) and also included the extension bundle in the same to leverage the new chart types offered in by Qlik. (#QlikExtensionBundle)

Now the issue is that when we open the Hub on the server i.e. via localhost we are able to access and see the charts(extensions from extension bundle) but when we try to open it from outside (i.e. via DNS) we are not able to see them as it is not available. <screenshots attached for both cases>

Error: The visualization was not found on the server. The extension is not available.



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Digital Support
Digital Support

@ashishkalia, .har and console logs should help draw further conclusions.

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi AK,


Can you provide few details -

1. Are you using reverse proxy while accessing the server? If Yes, check if the web server is able to reach the extensions folder and it's sub folders.

2. Are you able to access other extensions which are not part of default Qlik Sense bundle using the DNS? 





Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Apologies to all, mine is  multi node implementation (One AppServr and oneWebServer.

Corrected in the Description.