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QlikSense Desktop (free) discontinues in June 2020

Today I read that QlikSense desktop will no longer available for download and use (as well as existing installations) from June 2020. 

Rumour or fact ?

Why do this ? Besides profiteering ? Surely there are other ways to encourage early adopters ? Forcing people to Qlik SaaS offering is not a great option as it does not support much in the way of extensions and of course locks out 3rd party extension provides such as VizLib which I use when prototyping before migrating to a server.


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As a non-profit, you may want to consider applying for a grant of licenses from the Qlik Corporate Responsibility program. 


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you!  Yes, we are in the process of applying.  It would help with the cost issue.  But unfortunately doesn't solve the data privacy and installation complexity issues.

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Contributor III


I have just read this news! If I understand correctly and in my case

1) For one of my customers : I have pushed them buying 5 licenses QS Business. They did it! Then each of them will have access to QS Desktop for each of these 5 QS Business users ?

2) I have my own QS Business account. Then I should keep my QS desktop (integrated in the payment of my QS Business license ?

If these 2 assertions are correct, this is an improve from Qlik.

Generally, in my case I focus on SME companies. How can we encourage users to go to Qlik Sense Business excepted via the trial period ?

An answer => For each QS Business customer (at least one license) Qlik should provide for example 5 free QS Desktop as long as the company has at least 1 paid QS Business. 

Any feedback is welcome!!!!!!!


(I don't focus on Entreprise version).


Kind Regards,



Given a QS Business or Enterprise license, you could continue to use QS Desktop to address your privacy concerns.


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Contributor III

Ray -

Thank you for the suggestion.  If using a Business level licence gave us access to Desktop, that might be a workable solution.  But from what I am reading (in linked annoucement and FAQs), Enterprise level is required.  Which brings me to my concerns about complexity (and cost).

I am still waiting to hear from Qlik Sense themselves.  I am finding information hard to come by.


Edited to add... I do see this statement as well.  Anyone know what "prioritized" means"?  Will this be accomplished before the June 30 deadline?

"We have prioritized enabling Qlik Sense Desktop to authenticate via Qlik Cloud Services which would enable Qlik Sense Business users to also use Qlik Sense Desktop. This will enable paid and trial users to keep their data local if they choose."


- Gwen


Hi Rob,

Are you sure on the QS Business side?

For individual users it seems to make sure sense (unintended pun) to licence QS Business but per the below doesn't seem to be possible for now. Great news if it will be in the future but hope it can be before June...

Can I use Qlik Sense Business to unlock Qlik Sense Desktop?
No, currently the only option is to authenticate Qlik Sense Desktop against Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. We are working to provide authentication via Qlik Cloud Services including Qlik Cloud Business.
Or do you have any additional insight?
Edit - Just noticed the same comment from walkasia - but good to hear if anyone has any update...
Contributor II
Contributor II

Have tried the path already and it feels like a Qlikview but more modern and integrated.

Power BI It is free for use and there aren't any plans of that changing in the short term.

If only they could have the QVDs!!

Contributor III
Contributor III

Adding my story of how QSD being free has helped me into a role as a BI Architect in QlikSense environment.

In 2015 I first used QlikSense in a job where they had Enterprise and we used Desktop for development (I was working as an Analyst with some unrelated development history - so really I was just playing with QlikSense for the most part).

At the start of 2017 I left that job and went to a role where I didn't use QlikSense at all, but at home I continued to use it.

Mid-2018 I started my first QlikSense dev role (without having the free QSD there is no way I could have landed that role).

Late-2019 I started a role which included Architecture in a QS environment (whole ETL process & front end handled by QlikSense). Unfortunately due to strong firewalls & security policies, I cannot authenticate from out of office, meaning that my personal usage will stop in June 😞


Now I'm learning Power BI for my personal usage... perhaps in a few years I will be working in that area.


Contributor II
Contributor II

I totally agree. As I said in my report, I believe that Qlik will lose many new potential users with this decision. Of course, several would never bring revenue to the company, but some would!

Power BI will experience an increase in users


Hi All

I must said Qlik View is very good giving free QS Long.