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Sense Aug 2023 Release and PostgreSQL Upgrade to 14.8 issues

I am using the on-prem version of Qlik Sense.  In order to upgrade to Aug 2023 Release, the installer recommends an upgrade to PostgreSQL 14.8. Current sql installed version is 12.5.

1) Can I proceed with the Qlik upg first (from 05/2022 rel to aug 2023) and upgrade postgresql right after I confirm a successful Qlik upgrade ? 

2) Is there an alternative route to the Postgres upgrade rather than using the QLik Postgres Installer in order to upgrade PostgreSQL version from 12. 5 to 14.8, if I were to download postgres and install the version myself is there documentation on how to proceed with this route?

I have encountered issues following  these steps and had to rollback the vm snapshot:
QPI => invalid pwd chars alert=> per instructions resetted postgresql pwd and upd qlik config cn string with the same =>QPI=>finished sql install sucessfully =>Qlik Aug 2023 install (install failed) and logs did not show much of a clue.


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Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Hey there @marcoyukon ,

Personally I would suggest to follow this kb article: How to manually upgrade the bundled Qlik Sense PostgreSQL version to 12.5 version 
It still works also for latest release of Qlik Sense

Otherwise, you could contact Qlik Support to analyze better what could be the issue

I hope this helps,