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Contributor III
Contributor III

User Auth Tools

I'm trying to effect our first big rollout of user licenses this week, and I have some questions about the user authentication system, which has turned out to be somewhat more confusing than I expected at first glance:

  • My understanding is that Qlik does not have an internal user authorization system; admins must designate a virtual proxy to handle user auth. Is that accurate?
  • I'm seeing native settings for handling Windows and Google auth tools, are there any other well supported options people are using?
  • I was looking at creating a user directory using a data connection, but that appears to simply maintain a list of users who can have licenses allocated to them. How do I associate a user defined through a data connection with a login ID from a virtual proxy?
  • I would prefer a third option here for a few reasons: in addition to our internal employees, we expect to have two users who are actually common area monitors, and in the more distant future, users who are employees of our partners. So Google auth isn't great as not all our users are humans, and many anticipated users cannot be issued email accounts with our domain. Windows auth is also problematic as we don't want to be giving out logins to our Qlik server or our internal network to partners.

Does anyone who has tackled this challenge have advice on how to proceed? I've been looking at the documentation for managing users and managing virtual proxies, but neither of these pages seems to describe how to connect the two features. Currently, we're creating users by having them log in through Google authentication, which creates a User entry for them in the QMC (how I do not know)

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