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It’s been a little bit over a year since last time I posted about extensions here so I thought it would be nice to update this topic with fresh extensions submitted to our developer community Qlik Branch.‌ Remember you can submit, contribute to others, and download extensions from Qlik Branch.

My favorite 5 extensions (as of April, 2016)

1. qsVariable by erikwett


qsVariable is a super useful UI variable handler. The extension will let you not only create a variable while you set it up but also it will let you add a UI layer (buttons, selectors, input fields and sliders) so users can interact with your variable(s).

2. Qlik Sense Trellis Chart by agilos.mla


Trellis or more commonly known as Small Multiples (by Edward Tufte) is one of the well-known techniques available to represent the same measure across two dimensions. It’s especially useful when it comes to compare values in across charts using the same scale.

The extension uses the power of D3 to represent the data letting you to pick from pie, bar, or line chart. At this point the extension still needs some work to make it mobile friendly but it's a very promising starting point.

3 Simple KPI by alex.nerush


Simple KPI is all about flexibility and options, it's a great example of how customizable an extension can be. Simple KPI will let you create your very own style KPI object adding dimensions, setting up conditional colors and fonts and many more options. Give it a try

4 Measure Builder by LorisLombardo87


Creating complex expressions is sometimes a bit tricky, especially for new users so any help can make a difference. Measure Builder is a wizard style editor extension that will let users to create expressions easily by just simple completing a step by step form in a very visual way. It's really helpful to understand and learn set analysis syntax so if you are new to Qlik I would always recommend you to get this one installed on your computer.

5 Circular KPI by JSN


Would you like to use KPI to show target achievements but your values typically are over 100% making classic progress bar useless? Well, then you may want to try Circular KPIs, it supports percentage (%) KPIs up to 300% in a very smart way. Simple but fun extension.

If you are using any other extension that you think may be worth it to share with the community please let us all know in the comment section!

Enjoy Qliking!