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You will see how Qlik works where and how you work, whether you are on a computer or mobile device.

Hey guys, I wanted to mix it up a bit and instead of focusing on direct features, functions and capabilities – I wanted to provide a demonstration that focuses on outcomes. In other words, a solution to a particular business problem and how I could achieve it using Qlik.


You will see how I use AI and conversational analytics to collaborate in real-time with my colleagues to get context to help me explore my business problem further and how I can take action on my findings immediately by notifying and integrating with my valued partners, all from one platform. I even use a little generative AI with Amazon Bedrock as a fun example to show you the art of the possible. 




To recap we started by using Microsoft Teams integrated Qlik’s AI based conversational analytics to inquire about open orders that our reps are working on. While speaking with the rep, we discovered that we had 1 order with an excessive lead time because of a part shortage and could not complete the product. Another inquiry showed that other reps and orders are also effected by this part shortage. We dove deeper into the analytics application where we integrated the ability to place an order directly from the app to communicate with our parts vendor using Slack and Generative AI to generate the order notification. Obviously this is a simple and fun scenario but you can see how powerful the Qlik platform is and how it can integrate with other systems to produce results and take action where and how you work. I’d love to hear your stories.

Have you integrated multiple components of Qlik together to produce meaningful outcomes? Let me know in the comments. 


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