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One of the cool things I love about working with data is that very moment after a few minutes exploring a data set when you discover something unexpected in a chart or when you stumble upon a fact that makes a difference and it all becomes clear to you.

I've experienced that "aha moment" quite a few times and still makes me feel good.  When that situation happens I feel in the urge to share my discovery with the world, so I blast my colleagues, friends, and pretty much everyone I talk to.

If the sudden discovery finds you using Qlik Sense I have some good news for you, it’s called Single Configurator.

The Single configurator is a Qlik Sense feature that provides an easy way of creating simple mashup pages without having to write any code at all. It returns a Qlik Sense object, which is identified in an URL. The Qlik Sense object is typically a visualization from an app, for example a Bar chart.

To get access to the Single Configurator functionality you just need to open your favorite browser and type your Qlik Server* url followed by the word single, something like: https://<ServerName>/single.

Once you are here you should get access to all of you hub's apps. The next step will be picking one of the apps and then choosing the object you want to share.

single configurator.png

Notice that you have access not just to each one of the app’s objects but to the app’s sheets and even to the snapshots.

Single Configurator also provides you with three very useful options, you can pick whether or not you want to include the current selections bar, and you can turn off chart animations and/or interaction.

If you are still thirsty for more options please check the developer help webpage. In there you will find ways to pass selections in the url, apply bookmarks and more.

So now it’s up to you how to share your discovery. You could copy the chart url and share it via email with your peers or you could iframe it in a webpage as we did for Valentine’s Day app. (

Qlik Sense features the “aha moment” out of the box, so you just need to focus on finding that thing that went unnoticed for the rest of us and share it with the world.

Enjoy Qliking!


*For those of you who still doesn't have access to a Qlik Sense Server you can still see the Single Configurator in action. With Qlik Sense Desktop running, you access the Single Configurator via the following URL: http://localhost:4848/single.