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The requirements


During the last few days I’ve been working in a new project around weather data, we wanted to visually represent how temperatures had risen during the last decades. We have a bunch of temperature data points gathered at weather stations across the globe. We were curious to check if a map would help us to visualize warming, we wanted to check whether or not the global warming is indeed global. Are the co2 emissions affecting more to the northern hemisphere? Are some continents/countries more affected?


The data issue


Qlik Sense provides with a compelling mapping object out-of-the box that would help us to geographically understand the data. However, in order to get the map object to work, it needs a latitude and longitude geo point to be able to represent the data. In this particular case we had address data of each one of the weather stations where the measurement were taken but we didn’t have geo points or any other geo reference.


The solution


Luckily we have a bunch of smart guys in the community that can help us all to solve most of our issues. GetGeoCoords is a Qlik Sense app created by Christof Schwarz( cschwarz) that does exactly what I needed. It will enrich my app by not only adding latitude and longitude data points to each one of the existing locations, but it will also include some other useful geo-information like country, state, county, district, neighborhood, city, etc.


Screenshot 2016-02-17 18.50.34.png


Christof describes the app as following:

The main purpose of the app is to stand in the middle of data loads, it inputs tables and outputs files. So you likely don't need the frontend unless you like to make sanity checks of your geographic data, You may also be creative and take the code into your own final app to avoid one load sequence in the middle. My code would work in other apps as well.


You can grab the app here and learn how it works watching the video tutorial


Hope you find it as useful as I do.




PS: Just a friendly reminder about app support. As most of the community based content this material comes with no support but the support provided by the community itself.