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Qlik Sense Cloud Business

Qlik Sense Cloud Basic and Plus have achieved rapid adoption across a large, global network of individual users who create, manage and share visual analytics daily among their personal networks. We wanted to extend these capabilities and the simplicity of the cloud to small and medium-sized businesses and project teams within an enterprise. We focused on delivering a business-ready, subscription-based offering that lowers the barrier to entry and provides benefit immediately with no capital costs.

From the tireless efforts of Qlik's superior products team, I am pleased to announce the general availability of Qlik Sense Cloud Business. Qlik Sense Cloud Business is the next edition in our cloud portfolio that adds a new layer of governance, security and control that supports collaboration and helps operationalize analytics in the cloud.

Key features include:

  • Group Level Governance
  • Coauthoring Workspace
  • Automated Data Refreshes
  • Cloud Data Connectivity*

12-1-2016 4-01-22 PM.png

Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Member Settings

Rather than go into a lengthy text-wall describing these capabilities, features and benefits I have prepared a few videos that will help you learn more and become familiar with Qlik Sense Cloud Business.

Qlik Sense Enterprise and the AWS Marketplace

Expanding into the cloud does not stop with just Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Qlik Sense Enterprise is also built to run in the cloud (Qlik in the Cloud). Our scalable analytics platform, which can be installed on premise or in the cloud, is now available on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Our first available offering uses  a BYOL or “Bring Your Own License” model. An existing Qlik Sense Enterprise customer can quickly spin up a server in AWS that already has Qlik Sense Enterprise installed on it. This makes it easier and faster to setup a Qlik Sense Enterprise instance for production, testing or even as a proof of concept for your data visualization platform needs. To learn more visit our dedicated Qlik Community space here.

12-1-2016 4-57-42 PM.png

Qlik Sense Enterprise on AWS Marketplace

Regardless of the edition, Qlik Sense is powered by the patented QIX Associative Indexing Engine and provides the security, scalability, and performance of the industry-proven Qlik visual analytics platform. These latest offerings are two exciting milestones on our path of providing flexible cloud solutions to our customers. Now, whether you’re working independently; across a group or project team; or within a large business, Qlik Sense Cloud and Qlik in the Cloud are readily available to help you create, edit, and share compelling visual analytics in the cloud with confidence. If you haven’t gotten started yet, here to join Qlik Sense Cloud for free today!

*Qlik DataMarket and with REST connectivity and more coming soon.

Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter

Senior Product Marketing Manager