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On the demo team we have been very busy lately working in some cool stuff for the community, qdt-components is a notable example of our commitment and contributions to the Qlik Community.


With the announcement of the new theme capabilities that were added to Qlik Sense in the February release we wanted to extend our involvement with you by sharing a custom theme we developed internally.


The qdt-theme is a curvy, bolder theme that significantly modifies the default look of Qlik Sense Desktop. Our goal was to create an appealing theme that you all can use right away, but more importantly we wanted it to be a theme for you to modify and extend as well.


In qdt-theme we changed font types, font sizes and a variety of styles including the current selection bar to make it fit in the new color scheme. Also, we incorporated lots of color palettes (borrowed from other themes, thank you) so you have a wild variety of schemes to choose from.






You can check out the qdt-theme library at our Demo Team's GitHub:


Hopefully you find it useful.

Enjoy it!