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Note: If you do not have access to YouTube, most videos mentioned are available as attachments (.mp4) for download on their appropriate pages.

It was back in early May, at our Qonnections 2016 event that our CTO and SVP of Products, Anthony Deighton, first previewed a number of exciting and new announcements to our visual analytics platform. In true "Hollywood style" - I was very excited to share what I witnessed, but only could reveal so much. I thought I could add to the suspense with a movie-like teaser trailer. Some that saw it even joked that it almost gave them a seizure.

Video Link : 4439

Well I’m even more excited to announce that we have now delivered on the first batch of these innovations with the general availability of Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.0, new Qlik Connectors, the release of NPrinting 17.1 and new topical packages for Qlik DataMarket.  There is just way too much in 3.0 to list so I suggest you watch this 7 min video presentation which explains what’s new in greater detail.

In Summary:

  • Visual Data Preparation
  • Visual Search
  • Automatic Recognition and Creation of location keys for point maps
  • DataMarket Topical Packages
  • NPrinting Support for Qlik Sense
  • Time-aware Charts
  • Widgets
  • Connectors

If you want to learn about each of these features and more, view the What's New in Qlik Sense 3.0 video index page available here, complete with samples, data and video download. Now of course picking up on my movie theme if you’re like me, you don’t always trust the movie critics, and you’ll want to try these new capabilities for yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to simply try Qlik Sense Cloud ( because by the time you are reading this we will have upgraded Qlik Sense Cloud to version 3.0.  Get the Popcorn ready and enjoy the show!


Mike Tarallo