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Former Employee
Former Employee

Since we introduced the first version of the QlikView SAP connector 6 years ago, many of the QlikView customers leveraged the power of QlikView with the SAP data. Through QlikView’s unique, in-memory associative technology, they are able to make SAP based business decisions with the speed of the business.


The key enabler of the solution is the certified QlikView SAP Netweaver® Connector, which can extract data from SAP® R/3®, mySAP™, SAP BW, and BEX queries into QlikView. The extracted data  can  be combined with non-SAP data in one QlikView application providing a 360 degree view of the business.

Let’s take a look at a business case and understand how the QlikView SAP Netweaver® Connector would help. Assume a company has various SAP Netweaver data stores and its users would like to do sales analysis across their business.  With SAP Netweaver® Connector they can connect and extract data from;

  • SAP BW/BI Business Explorer Query for sales information
  • SAP Data Store Object (DSO) for additional order values and shipping weights
  • An SAP Query to gain insight into sales organization detail metrics
  • An SAP R/3 Table so they can integrate the company details into Google maps
  • An SAP Extractor for customer items
  • An SAP BAPI for business area lookups
  • An SAP Report for customer payments

They can then create visual and flexible analysis with this data in one single QlikView application which  can also integrate data from external non-SAP data sources.

QlikView provides pre-packaged QlikStart templates for SAP R/3 as well as QlikView SAP data dictionary and QlikView script builder applications. These apps would give a good head start for IT by delivering the background database information of how tables within SAP interact. It would also enable the business users to quickly realize their own data in ways they may not have envisioned before.


Last month we introduced a new version of the QlikView SAP Netweaver® Connector (SAP Netweaver version 5.7) with even more capabilities. If you would like to have a jump start to do Business Discovery with your SAP data, you can download the QlikStart templates from QlikCommunity.