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Hi guys, today I am proud to share and showcase our newly updated Associative Difference web app.

The Associative Difference is a very unique and patented capability of the Qlik Associative Engine. It combines elements of free exploration and discovery along with uncovering findings that would most likely go unnoticed with traditional query-based and SQL tools.  Qlik's Associative Difference allows you to start your analysis from any direction using search and selection while automatically associating every dimension in the data model and visually revealing how it is related, with automatically linked visualizations and a selection color scheme that uses green white and shades of grey. Prompting you to ask that very important next question, unlike query-based technology which restricts you to linear exploration within in subsets of data and actually removes values from your view restricting how much you can explore.  


Watch this video to learn more and click this link to the web app for yourself.


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Mike Tarallo
Senior Product Marketing Manager


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