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Former Employee
Former Employee

I posted back in May about creating an app that allows a user to authenticate with Facebook, grabs the user's post data, generates a load script, and creates a Qlik Sense session app with enigma.js (When do you post to Facebook?‌). At the time, I still had to overcome a few hurdles to put it up live so you could check it out yourself. Since then, it's also become possible to create a Qlik Sense session app with the Capability APIs so that you can use the Visualization API with your on-the-fly Qlik Sense session apps, which I posted about in September (Creating apps on the fly).


The demo is now up live, and there's two versions of it, one using enigma.js, and one using the Capability APIs. They're pretty minimal when it comes to design yet, I plan on building them out a bit more still, but it's cool to just see this all working, authenticating a user with Facebook, grabbing their data, generating a load script, creating a Qlik Sense session app, and visualizing the data. It's easy to see how something like this could be applied to a business use case where users may have very user-specific data. Check the demos out below!


Capability APIs version - Qlik Sense Session App Demo - Capability APIs

enigma.js version - Qlik Sense Session App Demo  - enigma.js


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