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Discussion Board for collaboration regarding Qlik GeoAnalytics.

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Some problems on Qlik GeoAnalytics

Hello, as a new user, when I am using GeoAnalytics functions, I have met some problems.

1. When an Area Layer is used on irregular(concave) shapes, the info bubble of the area will be located wrong on the adjecent area.  How can I move the location of info bubble to avoid the problem in presentation?

Problem 1Problem 1

2. When I select a range of say, 500m radius, of a circle, I would like to show the circle after selecting so that the points selected are on the circle.  I know that for pre-chosen points it can be calculated by GeoAnalytics Connector, but the function is limited.  Is there anyway to do this?

Problem 2Problem 2

3. We have more than 20000 points to be calculated if they are within an area by Within Connector.  After splitting data into several smaller tables and calculating by Within,  I have to join the smaller tables back, however a circular data structure is formed, which is costly to computation.  How can I achieve such results without a circular structure?


If there is altenative solutions outside the scope of Qlik Sense, it is also OK.  Thanks really much.

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The popup is placed in the center of the polygon. A possible workaround is to use another layer for the popup, a point in a preferred, arbitrary center point.