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Did You Know? How to use Labels

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Community Manager

Did You Know? How to use Labels

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Mar 22, 2019 3:48:40 PM

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Jan 11, 2019 12:28:02 PM

Labels are an excellent tool that allow us to better organize content.   Labels are added by the author.    In many cases you will see that we have pre-defined labels on certain boards.   One board might be mandatory with a predefined pool of labels, while another can be completely optional and enable users to create their own.

As the snapshot below demonstrates, labels are on the right navigation.  When a label  is selected only content that applies to that label will be retrieved -AND- when members subscribe to a label, they are notified by email when a new post is created.   




When posting a new question in the community, please select a label (if predefined) or add a label.  This will help us keep the content in the community better organized and more discoverable by others.   In a future article we will explain the difference between labels and tags 😉



Update:  March 22image.png, 2019:    You can now subscribe to labels.  When you click on a label you will see this:








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