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Ideation Guidelines: How to Submit an Idea

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Ideation Guidelines: How to Submit an Idea

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May 15, 2023 9:52:34 AM

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Jul 25, 2022 4:55:32 PM

When reviewing an Idea Submission, Qlik assesses Qlik Community interest, potential value for customers and partners, and the strategic fit within Qlik’s product portfolio.

Before submitting an idea, check out the Ideation app on the Browse and Suggest page to see if there is an existing idea.  If there is an existing idea, add your support by “voting” it. If there is not an existing idea, click on the “Suggest Features” card on the top of the page. This will open up the Ideation portal, where you can start typing your idea. You will be recommended with similar ideas, to again check if your idea already exists. If there are no similar ideas, fill out your description and additional information, upload files, and choose the relevant product label. 

Please review these submission guidelines prior to submitting your idea, to ensure that your idea meets the requirements.

NOTE:  The Ideas board is not a place to post bugs or support issues. Contact Qlik Support ( or post in appropriate Community boards if you have an issue with Qlik software. All bug and support issues reported in the Ideas board will be declined.


Submission Guidelines

The more we know about your idea, the more accurate we can be when reviewing your idea. Be sure to include what your idea is, who it is for, and the motivation behind the idea. Please include the following when posting your idea:

  • One idea per post please.
  • A brief description of the idea
  • The value proposition for the idea
  • The target audience (user role) for the idea
  • How does this idea help the user?
  • Additional context to help in the review process
  • Prorudct labels are required when submitting an idea. 


Labels and Tags


Labels are required when submitting an idea. Be sure to add one, and only one, label to your idea. We use the labels to route ideas to the appropriate product managers. When there is an incorrect label on an idea, the review process is slowed down. Here is a list of the current labels and their intended usage.

Product Label Usage


Use this label for Qlik alerting in client-managed or Qlik Cloud. This includes creating alerts, visualization monitoring, and email SMPT

Application Automation

Use this label for the Qlik Application Automation product on Qlik Cloud. This should be used for all Automations except Qlik Reporting Services, for which you can use the Reporting & Subscriptions label


Use this label for the AutoML product on Qlik Cloud and ideas regarding predictive analytics

Catalog, Lineage, & Impact Analysis

Use this label for Qlik Catalog and for all data lineage and impact analysis features on client-managed or Qlik Cloud. This also includes the Catalog Business Glossary on Qlik Cloud

Connectors & Data Connectivity

Use this label for all data analytics connectors or connectivity ideas on client-managed or Qlik Cloud

Extensions, Integrations, & Embedded

Use this label for ideas about Qlik Sense extensions and embedded apps, including mashups and embedded visualizations. This is also the label for the Qlik APIs and external application integrations.

Ideation & Qlik Community

Use this label for Ideas about the Ideation process or areas of Qlik Community

Insight Advisor & Natural Language

Use this label for Insight Advisor, Insight Advisor Chat, Business Logic, and other ideas surrounding natural language in Qlik Sense

Management Console & Tenant Deployment

Use this label for the Qlik Management Console (QMC) in client-managed and Qlik Cloud, and for ideas around roles & permissions, streams & spaces, and other management-focused actions


Use this label for other sites or functions of Qlik, or if you are unsure of the right label.

Qlik Cloud | Data Integration

Use this label for Qlik Cloud Data Integration functions or Data movement & gateways within Qlik Cloud

Qlik Cloud | Hub

Use this label for the usability and function of the Hub in Qlik Cloud

Qlik Compose

Use this label for Qlik Compose

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Use this label for Qlik GeoAnalytics

Qlik Help & Support

Use this label for ideas regarding the Qlik Help website, the Qlik Support Portal, or general Qlik enablement requests

Qlik NPrinting

Use this label for Qlik Nprinting and client-managed reporting

Qlik Replicate & Enterprise Manager

Use this label for Qlik Replicate & Enterprise Manager

Qlik Sense | Client-Managed

Use this label for client-managed specific requests for Qlik Sense, including adding features from Qlik Cloud dashboarding or management, as well as client-managed specific server management or security.

Qlik Sense | Data Prep & Modeling

Use this label for the Data Load Editor, Data Manager, scripting, and other Data Analytics loading functionality

Qlik Sense | Notes & Storytelling

Use this label for Bookmarks, Stories, and monitoring in client-managed and cloud, as well as the Collaborative Notes product in Qlik Cloud

Qlik Sense | Visualizations

Use this label for all visualization and dashboarding requests in Qlik client-managed and Qlik Cloud

Qlik Sense Mobile

Use this label for the Qlik Sense Mobile app for iPhone and Android


Use this label for QlikView

Reporting & Subscriptions

Use this label for Qlik Cloud Reporting Services and for self-service reporting and subscriptions to charts or sheets in client-managed and Qlik Cloud




Tags are used to provide additional context and grouping for your ideas. You, and other Qlik Community users, can quickly filter ideas using tags. Tags are not required when submitting a post, but it is a good idea to add them. You can add multiple tags to your idea.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi , When I click on “Suggest Features” card on the top of the page. it doesn't open the Ideation portal.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @Meghann_MacDonald ,

I submitted an idea this morning on the ideation portal but I am not able to login into the portal now nor can I see the submitted idea.


Hi @Neha121 , if nothing happens when you click that, you likely have a pop-up blocker on. Check your browser bar to allow pop-ups from the site if they are blocked. I can troubleshoot with you if you don't see that.

@Congrid , please try to visit while logged in and click "Suggest features" in the top left and ensure pop-up blockers are off. If that does not log you in, please send me a message.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @Meghann_MacDonald 

Thanks. That worked. Can we also 

Creator III
Creator III

Ok, now I know the guide lines but WHERE can I submit an idea?


Hi @jlolling , please visit Ideation > Browse and Suggest under the Support tab, or click this link: 

That will take you to the browse and suggest page. To submit an idea or access the portal, scroll to the top of that page and click "Suggest Features" or "Open Portal". Please let me know if that helps and if you have any other issues!

Also, check out the About Ideation page, which includes information about the guidelines, how to access, review process, and troubleshooting. 


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