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Contributor II
Contributor II

Authentication from a Mashup page against a SaaS Qlik Sense account

Hello there, 

I am trying to resolve an authentication issue in a Mashup SaaS environment.

The idea is that the WEB Page which includes some objects from a app located in a SaaS Qlik Sense account, should authenticate automatically against Qlik Sense. This should be possible as per following link:


The Mashup page works fine if I am logged into SaaS Qlik Sense, but as soon as I log out the mash up page returns the following:

{"errors":[{"title":"Illegal returnto value","code":"LOGIN-8","status":"401"}],"traceId":"00000000000000007fd44c6992f8d054"}


Not sure if anybody has tried that already?

I suspect the problem is in Qlik Sense help code provided is where to pass the credentials.

I think that is a very tricky bit which could create security issues.

IAccording to the code in the help:

//Check to see if logged in
return await fetch(`${urlQlikServer}${urlLoggedIn}`, {
credentials: 'include',
headers: {

what is 'include' exactly?!

Please help if you have any clue!




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