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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

BackGroung colour and presentation property Qliksense Table extensions

Hi all,

Using the table extension template I have built a qliksense table extension. 
I would like to add background cell color property panel on measures and dimensions and or presentation property to wrap header text. Could anyone please help with it.
I'm using the pre built template in the dev hub. I have not changed anything. 

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Specialist III
Specialist III


You can take a look on my TableBox extension,

TableBox for qlik sense

Videos related to the extension

YouTube Video

Hope it helps


Ajay Kakkar

Please mark the correct replies as Solution. Regards, ARK
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I need to export the full table which contains about 200 rows and can expand further too from TableBox.  I have created a header and footer too which also needs to be exported. How can this be accomplished? I tried Enable Report Export option but this does nothing. How can this be accomplished?