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File Location as Hyperlink In Qlik Sense

I need to open a pdf file from Qlik sense. I have a table chart and represented file link as hyperlink. It appears as hyperlink but when I click on it Internet Explorer pops up but doesn't open the content of the file.

My File LInk:   file:///C:/Users/vsabbis/Documents/learning/toad/test1.pdf

However, if I copy the link from Qliksense and paste it in Internet Explorer it displays the content of the pdf file. Not sure what's wrong with Qlik sense. Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Some thoughts to consider as you troubleshoot:
1) Try with a CHROME or Firefox browser, as I've seen issues with IE

2) Be sure the field is added as a Dimension (not sure if Measure will work)

3) Verify the Text field attribute "Representation" is URL and not Text

Representation as URL.png

4) Do any URL links work in your app? 
    Try linking from your Qlik sheet to a generic link such as to verify things work OK

5) Does QlikSense have access to that file location?  i.e. any permissions/access limitations to that file or folder.

Let me know how you make out.

Bob Biros

Thanks for the steps. They are really helpful. In fact I have already tried some of them.

1) I am not sure how do I configure Qlik sense to default a specific browser. I've tried and it opens fine in a chorme browser by just a click but when I click on a file path it opens IE and doesn't display anything at all. Is there a way to configure Chromecast as default ?

2) Yes I put it as Dimension

3) Yes URL itself

4) Yes works

5) Yes it is from QS desktop so my C drive should be accessible.

Thank You.

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Did you solve it? 🙂


Did anyone find a solution to this problem? I'm interested in a solution as well.


Contributor III
Contributor III

I found that connecting to a local file location cannot be done.  It's best to use a URL from the Text object.

  1. Put your file in your content library.  You can navigate to "Content Libraries > Default", click on the "contents" associated items, and upload your file.  Feel free to place it where ever you like but you'll have to point to the correct place in your URL.
  2. Create a "Text & Image" object on your dashboard.  Create some text and hyperlink the text to your content library location.  ex. "https://server/content/default/file.pdf"

That's it.  Obviously, there are some drawbacks.  This is an explicit URL link.  If you are using a virtual proxy, you'll have to account for that.  I don't think you can use functions to find the current server so you can't make it dynamic.

Contributor II
Contributor II


 I found the file-url is not working in Chrome but doing fine under Edge.