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FreshSales CRM into QlikSense Integration using REST API Connection

Good day,

i am attempting to connect qliksense to freshsales CRM using the REST API connection. I have tried using the api documentation provided by freshsales but the GET method links provided do not seem to work. Is there any documentation that can guide me to getting the connection running. i am specifically trying to pull in all the contacts and the sales activities linked to each contact.

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Hey @Warren10 I don't have experience on this, but I suggest to ask this on FreshSales community site or contact them directly.


This FreshSales and QlikSense integration sounds really powerful – like the holy grail of combining CRM data with analytics! I'm particularly interested in using it for [briefly mention a specific use case related to your interests].

The REST API approach seems a bit technical, though. I'm handy with software but haven't dived into coding yet. Is this something a beginner can wrap their head around, or would it be better to leave it to the data wizards?

I found this website,, that offers pre-built QlikSense integrations for various CRMs. Might that be a good option for someone like me who's starting out?