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¿Is it possible to integrate dashboards to a client who doesnt have Qlik Installed?


Let's say I have a QV server where I created a few dashboards for a client, yet, he refuses to install the software.

Is there any way for me (via java, or any other langauge) to make an API that asks for those dashboards to the servers and are sent in a format that can be rendered without having QV installed?

Kind regards,


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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi Alejandro,

From a technical point of view, you can give the client access through a terminal or a remote access program (TeamViewer etc). Other question, this action can break license agreement with the developer Qlik.



Champion III
Champion III

Surely the client can simply access them via a Web Browser if they are published on your Qlik Server ?

Ps.  Is this re Qlik Sense  or QlikView ?