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how to remove selections tool from single configurator iframe

In single configurator, there are many options available to control what shows up when the item is used in an iframe.   in the selections bar, there is an item called "Selections" and it has a hover text of "Selections tool" it is in the rightmost corner of the selections bar.   I have seen single configurator iframes where the chart is interactive, filtering works, the selection bar is shown, but the selection tool is NOT SHOWN.... HOWEVER, i cannot find any configuration in single configurator that causes this to happen. nothing I change makes the selection tool disappear. i have compared the urls of working/not working and cannot find what is different to cause this.   my question is, how do i make the single configurator url such that the interaction works, the user can filter, the selection bar is shown but the selection tool is NOT SHOWN.   I have searched and cannot find this and I have done lots of trial and error and cannot get it to work.  please let me know if this is clear, I have read the product documentation on this topic and it does not answer this question at all, so do not bother sending me a link to the product documentation. 

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still looking for this answer


I don't think there is formal way to do it.
but using css u can hide it, by settings its css style display to hidden, i did it in a mashup.

since u use iframe u can try  to add css to the iframe by (assuming the id of the ifrmae is "iframe1"):

var cssLink = document.createElement("link");cssLink.href = "style.css"; 
cssLink.rel = "stylesheet"; 
cssLink.type = "text/css"; 

To see exaclty how do it u need to goolge something like "add css to iframe"

in this css put this rule:

.qv-panel-current-selections .buttons {
display: none !important;