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Deprecation Notice – Qlik Sense Widgets and Custom Components FAQ

Community Manager
Community Manager

Deprecation Notice – Qlik Sense Widgets and Custom Components FAQ

Announcing the formal deprecation for Qlik Sense Widgets and Custom Components. This is effective for all editions of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows (client-managed editions). Similar or enhanced functionality of widgets are now offered through the Dashboard and Visualization bundles!

Environment: Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 


When will this happen?

Widgets and Custom Components will be removed when the Qlik Sense August 2021 release achieves general availability.

Will it be fully removed from the platform?


Will my widgets and custom components continue to work?

The last release widgets functionality is part of client-managed editions of Qlik Sense (Qlik Sense on Windows) is May 2021. Creating new widgets, editing existing widgets, and widget use will no longer be supported in Qlik Sense on Windows beginning with the August 2021 release.

Will widgets and custom components become available in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense?


Are widgets being replaced with new capabilities?

Many of the benefits from widgets are now offered out of the box in Qlik Sense! Proceed to the Dashboard and Extension bundles within the Assets Panel. Here, you’ll find objects such as Multi KPI Chart, Variable input controls, sliders, action buttons, and more.

These Extension Bundles are now offered within the platform and supported by Qlik R&D through future releases.

Is there a way to convert my widgets to visualization extensions?

Unfortunately, there is not a way to transpile syntax used in widget development into JavaScript. We recommend replacing deprecated controls with the native controls found within the platform.

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Hello @Jamie_Gregory

I have found some widgets on my customer server but no one knows where it is used (maybe in a mashup, not sure). How can we retrieve this information?

Best regards,



Hey there @simonaubert ,
I don't know how to retrieve the extension usage information for mashups. However, if the object is used into a QS application, you should be able to see it from QS Extension Usage Dashboard

I hope this helps,


By custom components that this apply to all extensions too ?  or only widgets ?

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @dialpemo1 

Visualisation Extensions are not affected by this. See Widgets and extensions for what remains and what has been deprecated.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi team,

There's not a single word mentioning removal of widgets in the release notes of August 2021. I admit not reading this blog on regular basis, because we normally rely on your release notes to assess how new upgrades will impact our platforms. Feb 2021 release notes state
"Widget support is deprecated and will be removed in a future release."

It would have been nice to actually find out in the release notes that the "future release" was now.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@jakob_rasmussen Thank you for letting us know! I have followed up with the team to let them know for the future.

Contributor III
Contributor III

@Jamie_Gregory Thanks. The link share button is removed from the Dashboard bundle as well. It's mentioned on the help page, but nowhere else. It makes it quite difficult to perform an upgrade when you have to take into account that any extension from the bundles can be removed without notice.

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