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URL Parameters in QlikView

Hi All,

This requirement seems to be somewhat tricky to me, and may be you people can help me out on same.

We have a web portal, where when the user will hit the button, a PDF should get generated.

The PDF will be a predefined report from the QlikView application with updated data.

The access point, login screen etc, should not come into picture.

Can anyone, please tell me, how we can achieve the same, using a URL.

What all parameters, we have to pass to URL, so that on click of a button in web portal, directly the PDF will be generated.

Please assist.

Thanks & Regards,


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Re: URL Parameters in QlikView

With Updated Data Means? Do you mean, which is final one??

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Re: URL Parameters in QlikView

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Re: URL Parameters in QlikView

I would maybe start with this thread which shows you how to extract objects for use in HTML etc

Embedding single AJAX chart objects in HTML document

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Re: URL Parameters in QlikView

Possible solutions

1.NPrinting tool, on schedule interval it it will generate the required report in required format and will place the file in the share location or will email the user directly

QlikView NPrinting 16 Tutorials by Subject

2.Use of Macro in Qlikview, you could hit the specific sheet or report from the URL parameter and you could set the triggers to generate the PDF file

Passing Parameters in a URL and Document Chaining

3.Make use of QV server to send the PDF report periodically

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Re: URL Parameters in QlikView

Thanks for all the answers.

But nothing fits tto solution.

To clear the req, I have a web portal, where i have a button called "get pdf".

The PDF will be predefined report created using the "Edit Report" section.

But, user should not be able to see, the access point, the application etc.

once the user hit the button in web portal -

-     reload will happen for QVW on server

-     Document gets opened on server

-     Predefined report will get printed and the same link will be provided to user

Please assist