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How to getting started with the Stitch connector in Qlik Application Automation

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How to getting started with the Stitch connector in Qlik Application Automation

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Jun 19, 2023 5:18:09 AM

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This article provides an overview of the Stitch connector in Qlik Application Automation and how to get started.



Stitch is an ETL platform that connects to all your databases and SaaS applications and replicates that data to a destination of your choosing. In Qlik Application Automation, the Stitch connector allows you to subscribe your automations to completed data load events in Stitch. The automation can then evaluate the pipeline’s status, if successful, it can start Tasks in Talend or jobs in dbt.

You can sign up for a trial account for Stitch here:
More information about Stitch can be found here:

See the below video for a demo to get you started with the Talend Cloud and Stitch connectors in automations:


In order to authenticate with the Stitch connector, you’ll need to generate an API key for your Stitch account. The connector will use this API key for authentication and authorization purposes.

  1. Go to the Stitch platform and navigate to the top right, then click your username.
  2. Choose Manage Account Settings

    Manage Account Settings.png

  3. Scroll down to API access keys and click Generate Key. Use this key to create the connection in automations.

    Generate Key.png

Available blocks

The Stitch connector currently only has a webhook available for the post-load event. More information about the automation webhooks can be found here: Webhooks

Getting started 

  1. Go to the Start block in a new automation and configure its run mode to Webhook, then pick Stitch as a connector.


  2. Now select the post-load event and configure the destination by clicking the empty input field and selecting “do lookup” to fetch all available destinations from you Stitch account. Saving the automation will register the webhook to the event in stitch, it will now run for each post-load event.

    On Post Load Event.png

  3. You can now add additional blocks to the automation Run Job from the dbt Cloud connector or Execute Task from the Talend Cloud connector and then reloading a Qlik Sense app.

    add additional blocks.png

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