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Qlik NPrinting: Unsupported QlikView Document items, System Configurations and other limitations

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Qlik NPrinting: Unsupported QlikView Document items, System Configurations and other limitations

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Oct 6, 2021 11:52:18 AM

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Nov 3, 2016 11:23:57 PM


Qlik NPrinting: Unsupported QlikView / Qlik Sense Document items, System Configurations and other limitations


Below QlikView document items are NOT supported in NPrinting 16 or NPrinting 17+ platforms.
Please remove these items below from the QlikView document (.qvw) before using with NPrinting Connections. Please note that a successful reload of the Connection metadata does not indicate the objects in the source .qvw file will not interfere with successful report generation while previewing or running a Publish Task.

Note: Alternate states, sheet & document triggers, 'Always one selected' list and multi-box properties are the most commonly found causes for connection issues and reporting problems and any other unexpected results.

  • Alternate states ( in QlikView QVW and Qlik Sense QVF as mentioned in release notes )
  • Trigger - both sheet, document and any 'actions' triggers within text boxes objects
  • List box and Multibox which contains property 'always one selected'
  • AND-mode (Calculated) fields in filters/cycles/levels/pages etc
  • Buttons that contain 'actions' work as triggers
  • Containers within a container (also, move objects out of containers for best NPrinting reporting experience - NP reports can only generate output for the selected container object). 
  • Any third party extension objects
  • Alternate identities: ie: qvp://nprinting_svc@qlikviewserver1/qwvs/salesdemo.qvw. 
  • bundled qmem packages.
  • QlikView reports are supported, but only for Entity reports. Other report formats are not showing them in the list of the available objects. You can use QlikView reports (RP objects) only to create Qlik Entity reports in NPrinting, but you cannot import them on Office, HTML or PixelPerfect reports.
    In Office, HTML or PixelPerfect, you can re-create the same layout of the QV report in the template by importing the single objects one by one.

Additionally here are unsupported QV and QS items with respect to On Demand reporting:

  • Variable selections used from Input buttons as triggers to select data
  • Input Boxes
  • Calculated Dimensions used as pages and or levels

! Directly selectible dimension values can only be used with On-Demand reporting

  • NPrinting On Demand reports that contain connections to multiple (Multidoc) QVW's
  • Hidden tab the nprinting filter

Other unsupported items and configurations/limitations to be aware of:

  • Check for Macros in the QVW. You need to enable macros while logged on as the NPrinting service account on the NPrinting server and or NP engine computer.

allow safe macros.PNG

! Any of these items above have the potential to cause failures in NP Designer report preview, verification and generation of NPrinting Connections as well as NPrinting Publish or On-Demand Task execution*


  • This will remain as NPrinting functionality for the foreseeable future. Although these are on the long term R&D road map there will be no near term solution within the software to manage these items. The workaround mentioned in the resolution section below needs to be used in the interim
  • Until Unsupported Items are removed from the QVW, you will continue to encounter unpredictable reporting results including failed report generation or incorrect report output
  • The NPrinting connection verification tool does not check for unsupported items
  • NPrinting 16 is not compatible with NT security. NTNAME, NTDOMAINSID and NTSID are not supported in Section Access
  • Connection pseudo-URLs in the format qvp://[[username][@]]hostname[:port|;protocol]/docname in NPrinting connections are NOT supported. More information on Connection-pseudo URLs:



Copy the primary QVW

  • Remove the items mentioned in the article description
  • Save the copy with NP in the title ie: myqwvNP.qvw
  • (Option): Binary load the new NP reporting qvw to the original qvw
  • Use the copied QVW for reporting purposes in the NP connection


  • Open Task Manager
  • End task any QV.exe's on the QlikView and NPrinting server associated with the NP service account (Assuming QVP connections. If Local connections do this step only on the NP server)
  • Stop and restart all NP services
  • Reload your NPrinting metadata connection (NPrinting 19 or higher) 

NOTE: Additionally, please avoid/mitigate the use of any of the known limitations defined in the description section of this article


For NPrinting And Qlik Sense unsupported items, see the following article: 

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